Canal House- Amsterdam, Netherlands


Canal House is the perfect place to enjoy life in Amsterdam like a local. The boutique hotel's buildings are located in the laid back and artsy Jordaan district; where Rembrandt retired and home to the Anne Frank House. Along Kiezergracht canal since the 17th century, Canal House started its life as a residence and also a place to conduct business for merchants and was so until the 1950's when it was turned into a hotel.


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The hotel has chosen a dark pallete with flourishes of color especially a deep and royal purple.

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Since the hotel occupies multiple buildings it has a triple wide garden that is one of the largest private gardens in all of Amsterdam. It keeps the theme of black furniture and bright contrasts, provided this time from the garden itself. It is very nice place to relax.

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The hotel's twenty-three rooms maintain the stylish modern feel of the hotel and include elements from traditional Dutch culture like washbowls and Dutch art. A Good Room like this uses the limited space well with in-room bathrooms and modern amenities like a flat-screen tv. These rooms on the top floor boast the best views of the garden and neighboring properties.

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Canal House

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The Grand Room is the ideal area to entertain guests. You can also relax and read a book or magazine alone. Eclectic and sometimes eccentric lighting fixtures brighten up the atmosphere. The space is made more open with views of the garden and a collection of mirrors. Next to the Grand Room is the uniquely open kitchen but it's not necessary to get the milk yourself, the staff will help you with that.

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The hotel's warm staff will make you feel at home here in Amsterdam in the cold weather and the forecast of rain is a good excuse to stay in.

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Canal House

Keizergracht 148

1015 CX, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 0 20 622 51 82