I remember when I started college I saw a 69' Porsche 912 swapped with a Carrera 3.0 in The Recycler for $6995.  It was more than I had but it was the cheapest Porsche I had seen that wasn't a 914 or 944.  I still wonder what if I bought it...

Which brings us to this near-mint early model 911 classic in Nyhavn, Copenhagen.  It could also be a 912 since who would de-badge a 911?  It looks almost like the one I saw in the for sale ad except the wheels.  Don't let the hubcaps fool you though.  I see a quad-pipe exhaust so there's more to it than how clean it looks on the outside.

Chime in on the comments below for what Porsche is on top of your list.  I like 964's and I lust over the 959.  Expect a 964 post soon!