Noma = Nordic Food Pt. II

After a very appetizing array of beautifully and creatively prepared amuse bouche, we were served with bread and not-your-ordinary butter and absolutely delicious appetizers.

Bread and butter – The bread was wrapped in a felt-like cloth, which I envisioned to be something that vikings would wrap their food with. The bread was warm and soft covered by a thin crusty layer. There were two types of butter served with the bread. One of which, featured pure pork fat butter topped with crispy bits of pork.




Sea urchin and dill, cucumber and cream – This chilled dish features chunks of sea urchin that scrumptiously melt in your mouth when swallowed. Mixed with the chunks of sea urchin were cucumber pieces made into a ball and coated in cucumber ash. Shavings of frozen cream and dill were also added to the dish. The grass-like freshness from the dill was a refreshing change from the sweet and briny taste from the sea urchin.


Brown crab, egg yolk and herbs – Danish brown crab meat was the highlight of this beautifully decorated bowl. The meat was delicately sweet and really went well with the salmon and crab roe. All of these fine treasures from the sea together with pre-boiled egg yolks boiled again in verbena tea were brought collectively by Norwegian seaweed broth. This was without a doubt one of my favorite dishes of the night. It was like heaven on earth; simply amazing!


Dried scallops and beech nuts with biodynamic grains and watercress – You’re probably wondering where the scallops were in this dish. They were those brown thin crisps beautifully set on the plate. We were told that the scallops were thinly sliced and each piece dehydrated to crisp. The scallops were flavorful as if they were served directly from the sea. The mussel sauce tinted in squid ink perfected the saltiness of the scallops, while the beech nuts, with its herb-like taste, served as a palette cleanser preparing our taste buds for the next delectable serving.


Beets and plums – The plate consisted of roasted beetroot immersed in broth made of fermented fennel and plum. Each bite oozed with strong concentrated flavors - sweet, earthy and clean.


Oyster from Limfjorden, gooseberry and buttermilk – Oysters from Limfjorden are considered to be one of the best in the world. Combined with the magic that Noma’s skilled chef’s were able to concoct, it’s no surprise that this dish was yet another mind-blowing one. Each buttery chunk glided down our mouths effortlessly. And similar to all of Noma’s other ingredients, the Oysters were fresh. They were so fresh that I could taste the sea!


Pike perch and cabbages with verbena and dill – This dish has a smoky flavor to it. After all, this dish showcases grilled cabbages stuffed with pike perch sitting on a sauce made from verbena and dill.


Carrot and truffle – Believe it or not, this carrot has been underground for at least six months. It was slowcooked over goat butter for hours, served on top of Swedish truffle puree, and garnished with carrot stems. The carrot had a rich taste to it that went really well with the subtle flavor of the truffle sauce.


Wild duck served with pear and burnt kale puree – We were each given a curious haunting knife. Our server said that we would need it for our next dish. Moments later, this beautifully arranged plate came out. It contained pieces of duck garnished with thinly sliced pear and kale puree. The duck was gamey and wild for sure. Together with the sweetness of the pear and the earthiness of the kale puree, this dish was one for the books! I’ve never really been a fan of duck dishes, but I am definitely a fan of this one.



Blueberries and ants – Our very first dessert course. I must admit, this was one of the dishes that I was looking forward to after reading a bunch of articles about Noma before this trip. These were ice cream sandwiches made with blue berry jam and sorbet, juniper, and pine shoots! Served alongside were leaves stuffed with blueberry jam and ant paste! It’s another one of those “who would have thought you can use ants as one of your ingredients?” The sandwiches came in very crunchy. They were part from the blueberries with a trace of sweetness. Overall, the dish was scrumptious and enjoyable.



Potatoes and plums – This dish highlighted plums that have been dehydrated for four days so that they could make compote out of it. The compote was so soft and gooey, alongside with potato puree. Both to be eaten with crème fraiche made of plum seeds. The plum compote was a bit tart but the taste was neutralized by the earthy goodness of the potato puree. Each sinful bite brings us closer and closer to our own definition of dessert heaven.


As you may know, any tasting menus won’t be complete without the restaurant’s array of petit fours. Noma’s version was no different than their mains – innovative, artistic and delectable. Not to mention that they move you to a cozier place of the restaurant, surrounded by fur rugs and throws and lit mainly by candles.


Caramel – This dish was all about the caramel fudge turned into what seemed to be pieces of bread. Do not be fooled though, these pieces were actually soft, chewy and quick-to-melt! We ate this with seabuckthorn spread and elderflower salt. Yes, it was Noma’s take on salted caramel, except that it’s much more creative and enjoyable.


Beetroot with licorice – Sweet chewy candies. They do not disappoint like the others!


Potato chips – Chocolate covered potato chips sprinkled with fennel seeds. Each chip gave out a bittersweet taste with a hint of spice from the seeds.


Chef Matthew Orlando (Noma’s Head Chef at the time of our visit), approached us and asked if we wanted a tour of the kitchen. We were not passing up on this opportunity so we immediately said yes. He brought us to various parts of the kitchen including the upstairs facility where they have the staff room as well as the corner where they “invent” test dishes. Everybody was busy doing their work with smiles on their faces. The passion of creating something for its patrons and making the experience exceptional are what makes Noma one of the best restaurants in the world!


Being here was one of the most unforgettable dining experience we’ve ever had to date bar none. The food was amazing and the service was excellent! Thank you Noma for being what we had imagined you to be and so much more!


noma Strandgade 93 DK-1401 Copenhagen K Tel: +45 3296 3297