Your waiter sits you down and hands you a menu.  Its pages are made of pure gold leaf.  The sun hits the pages and it's blindingly bright.  You put your hands in front of your eyes to block the light.  When you remove them it's still too bright to see but you smell musk and the smell of the sun and ocean.  (click me) A Youtube ad agitates your ears but you skip it in a couple seconds.  You hear the wind and a thump of your heart like it was its last beat.  There's a menacing build up but untz-untz-untz shakes your heart back into motion and the bass goes through your body and electrifies it.  

The hot light of the setting sun begins to illuminate the scene in front of you.  It takes a few seconds to take it in.  It looks familiar.  People are speaking Spanish and laughing.  You must be in Central or South America maybe even Southern California.



But your guesses are far off.  You've been spirited away to the Basque Country in Spain.  Your new friend with the stylish and timeless haircut turns around to know if you'd like a cigarette.  He sits smiling waiting for you to answer.  Your eyes are not drawn to his brown locks blowing in the gentle breeze but to the dark yellow stain on his front teeth.  It's round like a bullseye, the stain the tobacco smoke made from decades of sucking on hand-rolled and unfiltered cigarettes draws you into a trance.  

Sure! You seem cool and it's not like smoking will kill me right? I really need a cigarette right now. Light me up holmes!

No gracias! I need to find the tourist office; I'm a little lost and just want to go home. Can you point me there?

(Our friend in the photo he wasn't checking out the dudes.  He was text messaging)