As you walk down the passage the flickering light of your torch reveals niches filled with bones and skulls.  They seem to scuttle and move along with you in the orange light.  Adventure now seems like a silly and hollow notion and you wish that you had went back home when you had the chance. 

You feel warm air on your neck.  Freezing in fear you feel your heart-beating in your throat.  Is there someone behind you in the darkness?  As you turn around a gust of hot air flows down the passage.  It hits you like a wall of fire and ironically blows out the fire on your torch.  You flail the now useless piece of wood around in the dark only hitting the walls around you and knocking the dry bones out of the niches .  They drop all around you.  Crack!  You've hit something.  It sounds like a bone breaking.  You've hit a switch!  The ground that once was solid now feels like sand.   You're feet begin to sink and that heat in the passage becomes so intense you choke on it.     

The sound of clapping and an oud (click me)  wakes you.  And now a cool breeze blows across your face bringing warm and exotic smells of cardamon, cinnamon and saffron.  Your eyes begin to adjust to the light.

A waiter dressed in white asks which table would you like... 



The left


The right