Onofrio Fountain- Dubrovnik, Croatia


The Onofrio Fountain is said to have better tasting water than store bought bottled water.  I wouldn't know but you'll  see people sipping and filling containers from one of the fountains sixteen spouts.   Each is uniquely decorated with faces or maskerons so there's no mixing them up. The fountain was built in the 15th century by Onofrio della Cava after he designed and built the aqueduct for the city.  The Onofrio Fountain was severely damaged by a 16th century earthquake that toppled the dragon statue that was on the cupola, it was never repaired.  Despite losing its dragon, the fountain was well built. For six centuries it has provided relief for the thirsty and as a meeting point for people.  Can you imagine all the things it has been witness to and the secrets it has to tell?  


I missed one of the maskerons from the Onofrio Fountain!