The Golden Hour - Brussels, Belgium


The view from the top of Kuntsbergplein/Jardin du Mont de Arts with the statue of Albert I and the spire of the City Hall in the distance. 2013BelgiumGH02

Jardin du Mont de Arts with the MIM and Church of Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg visible at the top of the stairs. There is a good concentration of museums and sights in this area. It's one of the best places to knock a lot of places to see off the checklist. 2013BelgiumGH01

The Palace of Justice is getting a makeover!

Brits Oorlogsmonument, Monument Britannique or Anglo-Belgian Memorial commemorates the support of British POW's in WWI from Belgian citizens. 2013BelgiumGH07


Poelaertplein/Place Poelaert or Poelart Square has the best views at sunset.